New Chairlift Coming to Whitewater Ski Resort

Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson, B.C., has announced a new upgrade for the 2017/2018 ski season. This summer the resort will be replacing the original chairlift, the Summit Chair, with a new Leitner-Poma fixed grip quad chairlift. The new ride can accommodate up to 2,400 people per hour and promises to be easier to load and unload and the seats more comfortable. Additionally the center pole will be eliminated making for a sleeker frame.

The addition of the new chair will have minimal impact on the resort’s terrain, and will improve access to resort users. By replacing the old chair with a fixed grip chairlift Whitewater Ski Resort aims to minimize its impact on the environment. Fixed grip chairlifts reduce noise pollution while providing more efficiency by reducing power usage. “It is going to be a significant upgrade for the resort and ultimately for our guests,” said Kirk Jensen, General Manager.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of resort history, you can purchase the original chairlifts by contacting the resort at or by calling 250-354-4944.

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