Winter Adventure Gear: Pearl Izumi Softshell Elite MTB Shoe Cover

I once went into a bike shop looking for some piece of gear to keep my toes from going numb while riding in the winter and had a shop mechanic suggest stuffing newspaper into my riding shoes. I appreciated the DIY approach, but never did try it myself. Instead, a few years and many chilled toes later, I picked up a pair of Pearl Izumi softshell shoe covers from Fitness Fanatics in Spokane Valley. These 3-layer softshell/Kevlar foot protectors provide wind and weather protection over the top of your regular riding shoes, and they’re flexible while pedaling. One of the best riding equipment purchases of the decade. Great for fat biking, cold weather mountain biking or commuting in winter conditions. And the Velcro assisted rear entry and exit system makes getting in and out of them relatively easy. MSRP: $69.99. //

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