Learning About Wildfires

Amy Silbernagel McCaffree

The more children know about a scary situation, like wildland fires, the less fearful it is. Equip your children with knowledge about fire science and ecology, forest habitats, wildfire safety and prevention tips, and about wildland firefighting techniques. Here are some of the best resources currently available for introducing and teaching children about wildfires. Pick and choose age-appropriate sources from the list below. For older youth, it’s also helpful to be sure they know and understand why primary sources are best for finding credible, factual information.

Resources for Children & Families

Children’s Books

Videos for Kids

IdahoPTV’s Science Trek – Wildfire Basics (grades K-6)

Mystery Doug
NOAA – 2019

Videos for grades 4+ & adults

Outdoor Idaho: Living with Wildfire (Episode originally aired 10/17/19)

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