Good News For The Fish Lake Trail

Looks like the Fish Lake Trail nabbed enough stimulus money to begin work on paving a few more miles this spring. Now we just need to get Iron Bridge going. This news comes today from Paul Kropp (There is a link to a great pdf with all the stimulus funding at the end of this post):


SRTC will be issuing a press release about this too, but FYI the SRTC
board today approved the allocation of “stimulus” funding for the Fish
Lake trail to be $308,679 + $469,638, which — I believe — makes this
portion of the City of Spokane’s total trail project virtually whole.

The second amount is the remainder of total funds available to Spokane
County jurisdictions after the top priority big-ticket construction
projects identified by SRTC for federal stimulus monies passed through
the state are fully funded.

The decision to allocate the remainder to a so-called enhancement
project (“non-motorized”) ensures that the City of Spokane will not
lose $1 million of funds already made available from the state subject
to a match. This portion of the Fish Lake Trail is roughly a $2
million project and the whole trail is undoubtedly of regional

I have attached a PDF file to show the full list of ARRA projects that
were approved today. (Tier 2 items are backup projects to cover the
remote possibility that Tier 1 projects cannot meet funding
requirements and need a substitute in order to retain the funding.)


Paul Kropp pkropp Spokane, WA

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