Centennial Trail and Barker Bridge Update–and a White Caddy

I rode the Centennial Trail to Post Falls on Friday and there was still LOTS of snow anywhere there was still shade. The bathrooms are open. I saw kayakers in the river. The Barker Bridge Detour is in full effect. There is an awesome 1970s white Cadillac for sale in someone’s yard for $400 (!) on the detour. Please contact me if you buy this thing and can get it running.

Unfortunately, the Barker Bridge construction is causing some concerns for boaters. See this report from Terry Miller:

Hey everyone, have been in talks with the City of the Spokane Valley about safety concerns at the construction site of the Barker Bridge. The contractor seems to have no appreciation of the danger they were putting the public in. There are cross river girders that had been erected and make most of the river a strainer, the inadequate and wrong wording on signage, the lack of upkeep on the bouys, ETC…

The Contractor, as of Friday has made a large, clear passage on far river right along the north bank. At the 7300CFS yesterday, on the gauge that AWW uses there is ample room for kayaks and canoes. Rafting may be tricky (Paul, might want to have someone from NWW check and report) as there is a rock in the middle of this approach. It should also be noted that the City said this will be the passage until sometime in June. I don’t think the passage will be floatable with water levels below 500 0CFS or lower. There was only maybe a foot or 2 of water there yesterday. I will be bringing this to the cities attention for another low water solution. You would always be able to portage here if necessary.

The city said that the contractor will be closing the middle route with cross beams soon so please beware! Bouys will be replaces soon to move boaters to river right. Boater continuing to use the center route after the new bouys are in place take the risk of the contractor closing the entire river and ruining it for everyone else.

Also note that on Friday there was a large snag stradling a beam left of the river center route we have been using. It was not interfering with the middle route but if it breaks free there is no way of knowing where it will end up as it makes it’s way thru the maze of girders. It could block the center route and you might not be able to see it u ntil it is too late. Please use the river right channel.

It should be said that the city seems to be doing it’s best to keep it’s promise to keep the river open during the new construction so good on them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns or this report doesn’t make sense.


Terry Miller

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