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Got this response from a reader about February’s cover story on old guidebooks. Does anybody have an image of this book? We’d love to post it:

Hi Jon,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the issue. Buddy brought it over from C’dA for me.

I was pretty involved in the research with the authors for two of the guides mentioned and a pioneer doing many of the 1st ascents
in a third.

Just wanted to say I thought both Jons and Derrick did a great job on the article. Please pass it on.

One guide you missed though was a previous self published guide to Minni…the first 🙂

That one I published with Bob Loomis listed as co-author much to his surprise as we had talked about it for months before I finally just did it on my own. Guide books back then…late ’70s and early ’80s we very controversial for all the obvious reasons now. Sadly the desert showing the most wear and tear with Chimney not far behind.

I had 500 printed and gave the last 50 or so remaining to Paul @ Mtn Gear in the ’82 or so. They sold for $3.00 each, hand a bright yellow cover in a handy passport size for sticking in your pack:)

Dane Burns
Issaquah WA

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