Go Berserk with Vintage Pinball & Booze: Spokane’s Newest Bar

No kidding, go Berserk. You won’t be disappointed. This one-of-a-kind watering hole amplifies the spirit of the outdoor enthusiast. They specialize in bucking trends, and they are laser focused on serving drinks that meet your tastes. The beer selection specializes in quality instead of quantity, and they make a genius Bloody Mary. More importantly, the Asian-inspired Bloody Mary bar is featured every Sunday. And, it’s located on South 125 Stevens, about four blocks from Wild Walls climbing gym or six blocks from the Centennial Trail, making it a great post-ride or post-climb stop.


Close up photo of a beer in a glass on the bar at Berserk.
Photo: Jon Jonckers


Whereas other bars boast about their collection of obnoxious TVs, Berserk features a remarkable collection of vintage pinball machines. Even better, the owners have plans for some upcoming pinball competitions, so definitely follow Berserk on Facebook. Happy hour bumps $1 off wells and drafts, and it goes from 4 to 6 every day and all day Sunday.

Expect good music, local art, and staff that goes out of their way to greet you, learn your tastes, and deliver drinks that ensure you will return—they know beer and spirits better than most pub owners, and Berserk always serves up something extra special. You won’t be disappointed. //

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