Gear Review: GoSun Solar Flashlight

By Wil Wheaton

I almost always have a headlamp on my head around camp come dusk, but invariably I’ll go bumbling about in the dark at some point looking for something without a light. That’s why I started keeping a GoSun Solar Flashlight lying on my camp table.

The GoSun Solar Flashlight charges in the sun during the day and provides 280 lumens of light whenever you need it come nighttime. The integrated solar cell keeps the flashlight plenty powered up during sunny weather, but you can also plug it in with a USB cord.

The flashlight features a lantern mode, spotlight, and red emergency strobe setting, and a magnetic back allows for hands-free lighting when attached to a metal surface.

MSRP: $39.

GoSun solar flashlight
GoSun Solar Flashlight

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