Gear Review: BioLite Rechargeable Headlamp 330

I took this BioLite rechargeable headlamp on a 360-mile desert bikepacking odyssey this spring and didn’t come close to needing to recharge it during the trip (the battery lasts up to 40 hours on the low light setting).

It’s super light (69 grams) and has a slim profile that sits flush and snug on the forehead. The battery is in the back but the wiring is integrated into the moisture-wicking headband fabric which keeps it protected.

At a maximum light output of 330 lumens, it’s by far the brightest headlamp I own, and I rarely cranked it up past the lowest light setting, although the brighter setting would have come in handy if needed for night riding.

One feature I really liked is the pivoting light panel that adjusts down at the things you need to see instead of shining into your pals’ faces. Another cool thing about BioLite is its mission to provide 20 million people around with world with access to clean energy and reduce climate impacts, something you can support by purchasing one.

MSRP: $59.95.

Red colored BioLite rechargeable headlamp.
BioLite rechargeable headlamp

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