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Spokane, Wash.

Are you up for a challenge that you can do with family, friends, and fido that will result in goodwill and money being donated in your name to our parks programs? All summer long and through October 7, 2022, participating in the Great Spokane Parks Challenge is a way to explore parks you may have never been to, with the chance to win a prize and support Spokane area parks.

Be one of the first 70 people to visit 24 different parks in Spokane County — out of the 100-plus parks — and Spokane City Credit Union (SCCU) will donate $150 to the Spokane Parks Foundation in your name and give you a cool day pack ($40 value). As of late June, 30 people have completed the Great Spokane Parks Challenge, so there’s still plenty of time to take on the challenge.

Participating is easy. Register to participate on the SCCU website, create your page, then visit the parks from the list on the website.

To verify your visit, you’ll need to take a photo or location screenshot and upload the picture to your account. After your park visit is processed, your page will be updated so you can see which parks you have visited and what is left on the list. Deadline for photo submission is 11:59 p.m. on October 7.

Even if you don’t get close to visiting 24 parks, exploring a few new ones, having fun, and helping the Spokane Parks Foundation will be a terrific way to spend part of your summer.

Green and white colored graphic logo for The Great Spokane Parks Challenge with outline of trees, sun, and trail.
Explore more parks in Spokane County with The Great Spokane Parks Challenge.

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