DOMA Coffee Roasting Company’s DEEP Coffee for Deep Changes

A coffee that supports a great cause is one thing; a coffee that also boasts high quality craftsmanship is another. DOMA Coffee Roasting Company’s DEEP coffee does both.

In short, DEEP is a coffee meant to inspire deep thinking about our environment. Every can of DEEP coffee sold gives one dollar to the Protect Our Winters (POW) organization. POW’s mission is to mobilize the winter sports community to take action against climate change.

POW has a Riders Alliance including X-Games and Olympic athletes who are passionate about the environment. They send professional winter athletes to talk to high school students around the country about preserving the snow they love. They share the latest climate research on their website ( They go to Washington D.C. to talk with politicians about natural resource and energy policies.

DOMA coffee roaster and co-owner Terry Patano hopes DEEP works as common ground to start the hard conversations about caring for our environment. Like POW, DOMA wants to protect the winter recreation we love for future generations. “We want our company to do something awesome,” Patano says. “When we visit the coffee farmers, they’re asking us, ‘What is the U.S. doing about climate change?’”

DOMA uses fair trade, organic beans from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala for DEEP. Each can is small-batch roasted and stamped with the roast date so you know it’s fresh. DEEP’s steel coffee can is 100-percent recyclable, or easily repurposed.

By supporting POW with DEEP coffee sales, DOMA joins a list of other environmentally-proactive companies giving to Protect Our Winters, such as Patagonia and Clif. Using DEEP as one of your outdoor provisions will taste good and do good, too. //


Feature photo: Every can of DEEP coffee sold gives money to Protect Our Winters // Lisa Laughlin

Originally posted in the March 2018 print edition of Out There Outdoors under the title “DEEP Coffee and Deep Change”

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