CrossFit Mêlée Opens New Gym in Hayden

If you’re into outdoor activities and looking for the right indoor fitness program or gym in North Idaho to keep your body tuned for your outdoor adventures – or if you’re just interested in learning more about CrossFit –  a new gym in Hayden is offering several opportunities to check out their workout programs and philosophy. CrossFit Mêlée, newly opened at 1378 Hayden Ave, is hosting their grand opening all day on Jan. 3 and from 10-2 on Jan. 4. where you can check out several different workout demos to see and experience what CrossFit is all about. CrossFit Mêlée  is also offering off-site outings, like rock climbing, snowshoeing, and other active outdoor sports every third Saturday to help connect the gym workouts with the outdoor sports many CrossFit regulars are passionate about.

CrossFit Mêlée owners Nick and Kimberly Cools chose to open their gym in the Hayden area because of the excellent outdoor opportunities and the many triathletes, active retirees, and other outdoor and fitness enthusiasts in the area. They saw a need for a friendly, positive, community-centric gym and decided to open one. “Hayden has that attitude and energy and was the perfect fit,” says Nick. They chose the name Mêlée to emphasize that life is full of conflict and confusion and that their workouts will help people become more self-aware, confident and better able to deal with life’s inevitable challenges. “Our motto is you vs you,” says Nick. “Each time you walk in those doors, it’s you out to get your personal best, to go one step farther than you thought you could.”

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