Beyond Ramen: Food for the Ski Hill

To fuel yourself on the slopes this winter, it’s important to have plenty of water and foods that give you energy. When I was a kid, my family would pack Lipton Cup-a-Soup, get hot water in the lodge, and eat from the mug tops of our Thermoses. I’m sure there were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in there somewhere, but it was the instant soups that I will always remember. Today, there are many healthier options.

Oatmeal, smoothie and nut butter squeeze packs aren’t just for kids anymore. They are lightweight and packable, and come in a variety of delicious flavors from companies like Munk Pack, Earth’s Best, NOKA, and Justin’s. For a more hearty meal, try Dr. McDougall’s noodle bowls with baked noodles or heat up a packet of FishPeople’s Wild Seafood Risotto and eat right out of the pouch. 

Upgrade your water with instant protein shake packets, hydration minerals, and energizing greens blends. Try a few before you commit so you aren’t stuck on the mountain with a drink that tastes like grass. Add a dose of green tea powder, like Rishi’s Sweet Matcha or specialty instant coffee, like Sudden or Voila, for an energy boost.

Finally, make your own instant food. Mix together chia pudding or overnight oats in the morning and enjoy them in the afternoon. Combine instant rice, couscous, grits or potatoes with dried or fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, cured meats, dried parmesan, a soup packet, a sauce packet, pesto mix, hot sauce, herbs, curry powder, bouillon—the combinations are endless. Bring a pull-tab can of tuna for added protein. Then add hot water, steep, and enjoy.

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