2022 Banff Film Fest Is Back In Spokane Feb. 18-19

The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival is coming back live to Spokane on Friday Feb 18 and Saturday Feb 19 at the Bing Crosby Theater, continuing an over 30-year tradition.

Tickets are available online or without ticket fees at Rambleraven Gear Trader in Spokane (3220 N Division) and R.E.I. in Spokane.

Mountain Gear Founder Paul Fish Continues to Bring the Banff Film Fest to Spokane

The Banff Film Festival has been inspiring audiences by showcasing the world’s best films that highlight mountain adventure, culture, and the environment. Live To Play, a separate event arm of Spokane’s famed gear shop Mountain Gear, is bringing this year’s film festival to Spokane.

Mountain Gear founder Paul Fish has continued bringing the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Spokane and other communities around the West in his semi-retirement as a way to get people excited and engaged in the outdoors.  Fish has watched this year’s films and says they are some of the best of all time.

“Camera gear and software has gotten small and relatively easier to use,” says Fish, which means individual creators and small expeditions can now film their own stories and turn out some really personal quality films.

Photo: From the film “Invisible Beauty,” courtesy of the Banff Film Festival

Two Nights of Different Films at the Bing Feb. 18-19

This year’s Spokane tour stop at the Bing Crosby Theater features completely different evening programs of amazing outdoor films each night that combine mountain adventure, culture, and the environment.

For those who want a head start to get stoked to see the films live, there are two Virtual Banff Film Festival programs as well. The virtual film rental options, which are available now, are different from the live, in-person films that will be showing in Spokane in February. Watch the virtual Banff Mountain Film Festival films here.

From the film “Swissway to Heaven. Cedric Lachat and Tobias Suter on the ascent of “The Fly” at Lauterbrunnen – July 2019. Photo: Guillaume Broust, courtesy of Banff Film Festival.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival—a program of The Banff Centre—is the largest, and one of the most prestigious, mountain film festivals in the world featuring films from across the globe. The films this year are chosen from the recently concluded film festival which occurred at the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture in November 2021.

Other outdoor adventure films coming to Spokane this winter include the Fly Fishing Film Tour on Jan. 25.

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