Fly Fishing Film Tour Returns to Spokane Jan. 25, 2022

The 16th annual Fly Fishing Film Tour is back and hitting the road with a stop in Spokane at the Bing Crosby Theater on Tuesday January 25 at 7:30 PM. The top-notch selection of films are sure to get you fired up for the season ahead.

The 2022 lineup features locations including Costa Rica, Hawaii, Maryland, Belize, Louisiana, Alabama, Australia, Colombia, and beyond. You can expect to see the incredible energy of a cicada hatch in action, follow a legendary spearfisherman across the endless atolls of Belize, watch as a mother passes her passion for fishing down to the next generation, and explore the history of one of the most legendary tarpon fisheries in the world at Casa Mar.

The F3T is the largest fly fishing film event of its kind. Come for the action and stay for the giveaways and camaraderie that will feed your fishing addiction. For more updates, go to or follow the tour on social at @flyfishingfilmtour. Get tickets now.

Check Out This Preview of This Year’s Films

Photo: Backwater Fly Fishing @backwaterflyfishing

THE LEGEND OF CASA MAR : Directed Jesse Males Produced by Backwater Fly Fishing
Location: Costa Rica
Species: Tarpon

The Legend of Casa Mar details the history of one of the most legendary tarpon fisheries on planet Earth. The film dances back and forth from past to present with a breathtaking interview from fly fishing legend Peter Gorinsky, IGFA archive footage, and supporting footage taken during the films production in 2021. This film follows anglers Jesse Males, Mark Evans, Micah Baly and Thony Nunez as they uncover what the jungle has now been hiding for decades. Vibes of jungle exploration mixed with stunning tarpon action make this film run full-throttle from start to finish.

Photo: Knox Kronenberg @kkronenberg2

THREE SHEETS: Directed by Chris Kitchen Produced by KGB Productions
Location: Belize
Species: Permit, Bonefish, Barracuda, Tarpon, Trigger fish and more

In a time when travel was banned, adventure pretty much nonexistent, four obsessed anglers put their heads together to fill that empty void in their soul they call fishing. Three sheets to the wind, full bore ahead as we set sail for 21 days to explore the endless atolls and flats of Belize, from the most famous to the untouched and unknown. Not being welcome on land they’ll travel north to south by sailboat, foot, and paddle board with fly rods in hand. Led by legendary Belizean spear fisherman and Captain Deadhshot Danny, the ragtag crew of obsessed anglers head out for an adventure of a lifetime. Like all great odysseys, the unknown surprises and obstacles create the adventure. With new species on the board and good times under the belt, life on a boat has never felt more connected to the rhythm of the ocean than now.

Photo: @_benmeadows

DAN’S PAIN: Directed by Ben Meadows & Produced by Dorsal Outdoors and PopFizz Productions
Location: Louisiana, Alabama, and Colombia (South America)
Species: Redfish, yellowfin tuna, and ladyfish

Everyone loves Dan. He’s friendly, hardworking, and loves a good laugh. But Dan has a problem. Fish don’t love Dan. So he journeys from the marshes of Louisiana to the jungle coast of Colombia, to see if South American tuna will show him some decency and respect.

BLACK SALMON: Directed by Jamie Howard Produced by Howard Films
Location: Chesapeake Bay
Species: Cobia

No one ever said it would be easy. Well, actually they did, but that was their mistake. The Cobia in the Chesapeake Bay don’t eat a fly so much as they inspect it at high speed. A fish that is known in many places as an easy quarry and a tasty meal, is anything but in the Chesapeake (a water system where it has grown wary from all the attention, especially from conventional anglers). The result is a fish that tests Blane Chocklett’s mettle, patience, and skill in the mid-Atlantic sun.

The Cobia, a shark-meets-catfish, has become a target for fly anglers when it floats up in the water column. Captains Tyler Nonn and Jason Barham trade thoughts on the state of the fishery and strategies on how to intercept them before they move to offshore habitat in fall. What ensues is a reminder that no matter how much you know, you’ve always got more to learn. Inspired by a shrinking biomass and an uncertain future, Black Salmon shines a light on the wary Cobia’s issues today. As decreasing numbers and warming waters lead the fish north into unregulated regions, we all try to keep up.

PHOENIX: Directed by Eric Braker and Andrew Braker Produced by the Braker Brothers
Location: Colorado
Species: Trout

Katie Fiedler Anderson has been a fly fishing guide in Vail, Colorado, for over a decade, but things started to change when she became pregnant with her daughter. The short film, “Phoenix”, tells a story of passion, as Katie and her husband take a leap of faith in order to inspire their 4-year-old daughter to chase her dreams no matter what the obstacle.

COCOS: Directed by Josh Hutchins and Kane Chenoweth Produced by Aussie Fly Fisher
Location: Australia
Species: Bonefish, GT, Bumphead Parrotfish, more

For the past two years Australians have been limited to travel within their own country. This is not all bad news when you realize the diversity of fishing options in Australian waters. In early 2021, Josh Hutchins, of Aussie Fly Fisher, and film-maker, Kane Chenoweth, set off to one of Australia’s most remote regions in search of clean water, tropical vibes and big fish—the Cocos Keeling Islands. With bountiful bonefish, intermittent shark-dodging, and relaxed Island vibes, Cocos was full of surprises. Despite schools of bonefish and the odd-GT distraction, we had a primary goal for the trip: a Bumphead Parrotfish. We’d seen it done in the Seychelles, and we wanted to catch one in our home waters. Let the mission begin…

Photo: @catchflyfish

JOSIAH AND THE BONES: Directed by Matt Devlin Produced by PMD Productions
Location: Hawaii
Species: Bonefish

Josiah and the Bones is the story of proud Hawaiian native, combat veteran, and fishing guide Josiah Koleo Ching. Filmed with permission on location in Molokai, HI. This film is an honest exploration of the melding of life, trauma, heritage, joy, loss, family and beauty. Set within the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, we look towards the ocean as solace as well as ancestral harvesting of food. Come chase the elusive giant Hawaiian bonefish, or, O’io in Josiah and the Bones only at the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Other Films in the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour: “Common Ground,” “Cicada Hatch,” and “A Fly Lords Production.”

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