Zenbivy Bed by Zenbivy

If you don’t like a constrictive mummy bag or sliding off your sleeping pad at night, then you really need the Zenbivy Bed. The Zenbivy Bed is a unique product aimed at everyone who doesn’t lie perfectly still on their back all night long. Halfway between a quilt and a standard sleeping bag, this bed system integrates with your sleeping pad. The hybrid design lets you sleep on your side, on your stomach, on your back, or even with one leg outside the quilt. Also, it greatly reduces the struggle to get out of your sleeping bag at night to answer nature’s call. The exclusive two-piece design is equal in warmth-to-weight to most bags, but allows unequaled freedom. Not only does the Zenbivy Bed provide a great night’s sleep, but it’s especially convenient for sleeping in a hammock. MSRP: $279. Zenbivy.com. 

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