Winter Adventure Gear: Oboz Bridger Insulated BDry Boot

It’s not easy to find a boot that can be everything in the winter. Unless you wear this one. I demoed these boots (with a touch of feminine fluff at the top) in a few real life scenarios: hiking, shoveling snow, sledding, chasing after runaway sleds, and trudging through slush. The boot is relatively stiff but cradles the foot so comfortably that it felt as versatile as a softer shoe. It was absolutely waterproof in all my activities and the feet stayed warm even with less action. The high ankle was one of my favorite features. It has the feel of a hiking boot, but the protection, warmth, and snow shielding of a more typical winter boot. Finally I don’t have to go shovel in my moon boots! This shoe did run a little small, but it was not narrow. It was very comfortable for a slightly higher arch as well. If they wore out (though I didn’t get a chance to attempt this yet), I’d probably go buy another pair. MSRP: $185. //

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