Winter Adventure Gear: Jogging Stroller Bar Mitts

Before I ever decided to procreate, I never would have believed that one day I would be pushing my 30-pound progeny through ice, slush and snow in a high-tech stroller/bike cart/jogging stroller that’s more structurally sound than most of the dirtbag cars I have owned in my life. But, as I’ve learned these past two winters, it can be oh so much fun to trot along on frozen sidewalk and trail with my son, especially with the right gear to keep my hands warm. For that task, there is really no better choice than the Baby Jogger/Stroller Mitts from Nevada-based Bar Mitts. Makers of many kinds of wind- and cold-shielding mitts for bikes, strollers and other recreational vehicles, these zippered, waterproof, neoprene mitts keep your digits toasty while riding or pushing along in serious winter weather. The mitts block wind and hold in heat, which means even in cold temps you can often get by with a light pair of breathable gloves or, sometimes, no gloves at all, and still have the warmth and feeling in your fingers to make quick moves for the bike or stroller brake (or gears if you’re riding). MSRP: $54.95. //

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