Where to Look for Animal Tracks in Spokane and North Idaho

There are many great places to find wildlife tracks this winter, including our two local wildlife refuges.

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, located in the channeled scablands southwest of Spokane, offers a variety of habitat from the many ponds and upland forests in which to find animal tracks. Turnbull is known for a herd of Rock Mountain elk and excellent moose habitat.

Cougar and other big cats roam the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge near Colville, where the variety of forests also make great habitat for snowshoe hare and grouse.

Hiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing along the northern length of the Kettle Crest Trail between Boulder Creek Road and Sherman Pass will put you in the vicinity of the Profanity Peak wolf pack, providing an opportunity to cross these elusive animals’ tracks, as well as sign of many other types of wildlife. (There is avalanche risk along or below some of the higher peaks in this area, so be avalanche aware and carry and know how to use a beacon, shovel, and probe when exploring such areas.) // (Adam Gebauer)

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