What to Wear to Ski & Snowboard on a Budget

There are many ways to get your family up on the mountain skiing or snowboarding in style without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to get the equipment and apparel you need on a budget.

Staying Warm & Dry with the Right Clothing

A mix of layers that keep kids warm and dry while out on the slopes is essential. The chairlift ride is the coldest part of winter sports, so make sure your kids have the right winter gear.

  • Base layer tops and bottoms made of polyester- or wool-blend fabrics and calf-length socks.
  • Mid-layer fleece jacket or wool sweater on cold days.
  • Waterproof or water resistant jacket and pants with cuffs that fit snug over boots as an outer layer.
  • A warm hat and helmet with a soft lining and adjustable chin-strap.
  • Ski goggles for shielding eyes from wind, snow, and injury.
  • Weatherproof gloves or mittens with fleece liners and a cinch-closure to secure them around the wrist.
  • On super cold days, a face gaiter is a good idea too.

Finding Quality Ski & Snowboard Equipment

Getting your child or yourself the right equipment for skiing or snowboarding means you will need to buy or lease skis or a board, bindings, boots, and poles. Whether you choose new or used gear, it’s best to purchase or lease quality, safe equipment from a local shop with knowledgeable staff who can make sure you get fitted with the right gear. Some shops like Spokane Alpine Haus will even buy back your child’s new ski or snowboard equipment after a couple seasons and apply that toward store credit for new gear.

Lease Programs: Kids can grow like weeds, so thankfully several local shops offer leased ski and snowboard equipment for kids so that you won’t need to buy new gear every year. Spokane Alpine Haus offers leased ski equipment and a buy-back program for kids, and Spokane’s Shred Sports Outlet and the Alpine Shop in Sandpoint also lease kids ski gear. And the Ski Shack in Hayden has both youth ski and snowboard equipment for lease.

Used Equipment: Buying quality used equipment is another alternative to new gear that can save money. Sports Creel in Spokane Valley sells used gear and will buy back your old equipment in some cases. Spokane’s outdoor gear consignment store, Northwest Outdoors, is also a great place to find used ski and snowboard equipment and winter sports apparel for adults and kids. There are also several ski swaps around the Inland Northwest where you can find the largest selection of youth and adult gear and apparel in one spot.

Renting: If your child or teenager is only planning on skiing or snowboarding a couple times this season, renting gear at the ski resort or from a local shop may be the least expensive and easiest way to go. //


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