Want to Work on a Cool GPS Project?

This just in from the Fat Tire Trail Riders. They have been doing some awesome work on the Beacon Hill Mountain Bike trails and now they need some map help:

GPS-ers wanted for Beacon Help
Posted by: “konagal77” konagal77@yahoo.com konagal77
Wed Dec 3, 2008 6:41 pm (PST)

Looking for a couple of folks who like to GPS to ground check some
more trails on Beacon for us. We’ve done a lot of our inventory and
map development through aerial photos, but as we get more and more
permissions from landowners that give us the OK to ground check
data…well, we need some folks to do it.

GPX format is acceptable, then our GIS whiz can get the trails into
the data base.

We need a good accurate track of the Esmerelda trail,Shields Park and
a few other select parcels outside of Camp Sekani. If you want to
help, let me know and I’ll send you a marked parcel map.

Jon our GIS map genius guy, has tips for data collection here

Penny S (and the Beacon Project folks)

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