Urban Trail Etiquette

The golden rule for nearly every community trail in America is simple. Whether you run, walk, or ride, do so in a manner that maximizes the use for everyone else. Time and again, trail users complain about the same problems such as doggie doo, speed limits, or too many people side by side making it difficult to pass. None of these issues will disappear in the near future, but if we increase awareness, we can decrease frustrations and reduce accidents.

Rules posted at most trailheads serve as a reminder for what you can expect from others as well as how you should behave. Urban trails such as the Centennial Trail and the Fish Lake Trail receive significant use year-round, and that use is likely to increase in the coming decades. Practicing good trail manners, including obeying speed limits, is imperative, and obeying the rules ensures that everyone has a good experience. It also helps preserve the experience for future users. //

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