Travel Gear to Hit the Road with This Fall: Travel Chair (Joey Chair)

I had the chance to sit in several different models of TravelChair’s light, comfortable chairs at several events and festivals this year, and they changed the way I look at packable “camp” type chairs. I resisted investing in a modern camp chair for years after watching friends and family throw their money away on cheap, bulky chairs that seemed to struggle to make it through a season of tail gating. Then there were the lighter, less-clunky brethren of the aforementioned piece of crap behemoths that felt more like a tiny chair torture device than a piece of outdoor furniture intended for relaxing. Instead, I opted for old-school, garage sale lawn chair variety camp chairs from the 70s and 80s that had somehow survived long enough to endure a few years of robust abuse by me before succumbing to a somewhat rapid death by rust, fire, dirt, friction and mildew.

Even when going up against those beloved, salvaged lawn chairs (RIP), all of the TravelChair models I tried are so comfy, light and pack down so small that there will never again be an excuse not to bring a quality chair along on any camping trip, beach outing, picnic, summer concert or festival. While other TravelChair models – like the Wallaby, which we tried out and loved – come with welcome features like a beverage holder and arm rests, the Joey Chair stands out as the super lightweight yet incredibly comfortable choice because you can really justify taking it just about anywhere: strap it to your bike, stash it in your pack, check it in your south-bound luggage, or shove it under your arm for a walk to the park. We left ours in the car pretty much all summer long just in case. A Joey Chair weights less than two pounds yet can support up to 300 pounds of tuckered traveler. Set up and break-down is intuitive and takes seconds, even, as I proved through rigorous field testing, after a long night of campfire revelry.

Based out of Gig Harbor, Wash., TravelChair is a pioneer in the industry and has been building quality camp and travel seats, tables and stools for over three decades. They use quality materials (like the stuff seatbelts are made of, molded grommets, burly rivets, and high-grade aluminum and steel frames) and design to make products that will stand the test of time. Meaning, your TravelChair won’t be making a one-way trip to the Dumpster anytime soon. Find the Joey Chair and other models at REI or online at MSRP: $78.99. //

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