Trailbreaker Cider

Trailbreaker Cider, in Liberty Lake, Wash., makes some of the best hard cider around. They start with 100 percent Washington grown apples, and then they go berserk. It’s not uncommon to find ciders with plum, mint, cucumber, pear, or ginger. Like a backpacker’s compass, they follow cider flavors in every direction. This ensures they always have something for everyone—including a couple of non-alcoholic ciders.

Photo by Jon Jonckers

Trailbreaker headquarters includes a welcoming bar, a delicious restaurant, cider production facilities, and a giant mezzanine overlooking the whole facility so you can drink cider while you watch how it’s made. The production facility is so large they can even host special events such as fundraisers or sip-and-paint evenings. Also, their specialty taco bar testifies to the fact that they take Taco Tuesday very seriously.

In the backcountry, a trailbreaker sets the course for everyone else to follow. A trailbreaker is a pioneer through thick brush or deep snow, and they are often underappreciated for their hard work. This is NOT true with Trailbreaker Cider. Their efforts are appreciated with every pint they pour, and the owners are making huge strides promoting delicious hard ciders in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. 

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