Torq Personal Training Provides Something Unique

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Personalized workouts. Yeah, yeah, but what does that mean? Donnie Kissick, founder of Torq, is the cheerleader for the 63-year-old who is working to recover from surgeries. He supports someone whose focus is “putting on underwear without tipping over.” He also supports the dude who wants to look good taking his shirt off in the summer. What I’ve noticed over the years I’ve known Donnie is that his biggest motivation with movement training is watching people grow to be comfortable in their bodies.

Donnie started his training business in the community gym at his apartment complex in Spokane. He took a few risks, listened to what people wanted and needed, and has grown with a loyal following to build a training business with nutritional support and personalized workouts at his own gym. The workout space is semi-private, which means there are other people at the gym with you, although the workout is your own. Outside of the gym, Donnie has developed an app that helps keep people accountable. You can participate as much or as little as you’d like.

Photo courtesy of Donnie Kissick

With Donnie’s unique gym, he creates a full community experience. I’ve seen the option to do meet ups at Wild Walls or join others in the group to see Le Misérables. He invites people over after hours to watch a movie or get together for food. It’s not un-common to overhear “how did you find Donnie?” as though he’s a celebrity. Best of all, he remains humble and focused on what motivates him: helping others feel good in their bodies.

Cover photo courtesy Donnie Kissick

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