Reflections on an IV Treatment

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As I take a deep breath in, IV Offerings owner Carlee Hieb alerts me to the “small pinch” that’s about to happen. Honestly the pinch is a bit more intense. This is our third session, and I’m getting used to the sensation of the needle going into my vein. It helps that I’m at my dining room table and have comfortable clothes on. The needle has been replaced by a soft plastic tube that’s taped on so it won’t move while I move. I trod over to the couch and curl up under a blanket. Carlee puts a warm eye patch on my face for comfort and hooks up my IV.

The natural concoction dripping directly into my veins is not one of the “off the shelf” recipes from IV Offerings. Carlee has made this one up for me based on my symptoms, adding magnesium, b-complex, vitamin c, calcium and glutathione to support my body’s love of getting migraines. IV treatments can be excellent relief for anyone, but since I have Celiac disease, my digestive system has a harder time absorbing supplements from food. The IV method bypasses my stomach and gets right to work in my body.

Though my custom go-to IV infusion helps prevent my migraines, Carlee offers many different infusions. The B-Lean treatment boosts energy and increases metabolic function. There are treatments to boost immunity, help people recover from a hangover or injury, treat COVID symptoms, treat ailments such as menstrual cramps or constipation, or boost the beauty of hair, skin and nails. “My intention in starting IV Offerings is to bridge the gap between what western medicine can offer and what only our bodies can do,” Carlee writes on her website.

If you’re curious about IV benefits, check out IV Offerings online. After connecting with Carlee through her website, she will email you an online intake form. Since she comes to your home or office, she will set up an appointment. Once she’s there, you will receive a link to connect to a nurse on video, have a quick conversation, and then the pinching can start. Carlee, who is a certified registered nurse herself, hangs out while the IV drips, then packs up and heads out. Future visits don’t require the nurse check in-online.

While there are a few options for IV therapy in the Inland Northwest, the thing I like about Carlee with IV Offerings is how local she is and that she is an outdoor adventurer too. She’s not part of a larger business, and I get to know her a bit more each time she comes to my home. The treatment becomes personal and she’s invested in her clients’ health. In the Coeur d’Alene area, Brooke at Rooted Healthcare ( provides a similar service. Both are mobile and respond quickly when your symptoms are urgent.

The benefits of the supplements received directly through IV treatment outweigh the mild pinch at the start, and the effects can last a while. The goal for me is that I have fewer migraines and feel energetic every day. My focus is on ongoing wellness, not just treatment. If you’re interested in an at-home boost to your own wellness journey, view a full list of treatments, including boosters you can add, at

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