Tips for Keeping Kids Warm Outside

Make sure your children stay warm while playing in the snow, whether they’re skiing or snowboarding or tubing. “Layer-up in synthetic clothing—children can always take layers off if they get too hot,” says Mt. Spokane Ski School Director Katrin Pardue. A phrase to remember is “Cotton Kills, and Jeans are Mean.” A base-layer made of merino wool or a synthetic material like polypropylene will insulate as well as wick away sweat. Fleece makes a great mid-layer, like a vest or jacket.

Outerwear coat and snow pants should be both waterproof and windproof—what’s typically referred to as being “weatherproof.” In addition, provide your kids with handwarmers; choose mittens rather than gloves, especially for younger kids; and secure the cuff or mittens or gloves either under or over jacket sleeves-cuffs. “Make sure children drink plenty of water…and use the bathroom right before lessons,” says Pardue. “Eat a good breakfast and have something warm during lunch…to heat up their little bodies.” 

Urban park snow tubing in Spokane. // Photo: Amy McCaffree

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