Three Complaints Every Race Director Hates

Complaining about the weather is absurd. Not only does the race director have zero control over the weather, it also suggests that you failed to prepare for it. This doesn’t mean the weather wasn’t awful or the weather didn’t contribute to other problems. But ultimately racers need to remember their own hat and gloves, and they need to understand their own limits. Complaining about the price suggests you were forced to enter a race. There are plenty of inexpensive races and rides that don’t require a lot of dough, especially trail runs and mountain bike rides. But when you add up security, porta potties, permits, water stations, online registration, and first-aid responders, the costs start to rise. Frankly, you must have thought the price was okay when you entered your credit card details, therefore you sound like a total whiner if you complain about it later. Basically, if a race is too expensive for you, then don’t enter it. Complaining that a race was too hard almost always makes a race director smile inside. Perhaps it was too hard for you. But if the majority of the racers finished, then it wasn’t too hard.

Finally, here’s a list of things that race directors want to hear from you. Please speak up if something is unsafe or potentially dangerous. If something like, for example, course markers didn’t work well enough, race directors appreciate suggestions for an improvement. Lastly, if there’s a feature or component of a race that impresses you, please give the race director a high five, and tell them the beer garden was great, or the volunteers were supportive and cheerful, or the course was beautiful. Even better, if you really like a race, sign up to do it again next year. //

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