The Hoskinson Family

Saying the Hoskinson family enjoys skiing is an understatement—skiing runs in their blood. Father Paul, brothers Evan and Robert, and Robert’s son Anders make up the triple generation ski family. They welcomed me into their home, eager to share ski stories and careful not to give away too many mountain secrets. These transplants from the West Side have been calling North Idaho and Silver Mountain home for over 20 years.

Evan and Robert learned to ski in the Cascades. Starting young at 2-years-old on a pair of K2’s, the brothers made their first turns settled between their dad’s skis with a jump rope under their arms. Keeping the tradition alive, grandpa Paul took 2-year-old Anders skiing for the first time last season.

The Hoskinsons each average 30-40 days a year, and their favorite conditions are powder, powder, powder. Evan and Robert were quick to throw their dad under the bus as the powder snob, saying it’s only “by necessity because of his old bones.” Paul reminds his sons that he is in the first gondolas every time he goes up so he can “ski the best and leave the rest.” Even with higher standards for pow days, Paul makes sure every year he’s the first person to ski off the top all the way to town.

With three generations of skiers who have a history of working for and with ski resorts and ski shops, it’s safe to say the Hoskinson men enough pairs of skis to start their own ski swap. They have a combined total of 40 plus pairs of skiable skis— rotating through four to seven pairs throughout the season, depending on the conditions. Paul, Evan, and Anders prefer to shred on K2s, and Robert is the outlier, mainly riding Liberty skis.

Paul summed it up best when he said if you’re diligent “you can ski a fresh line every line all day long…Silver is a little mountain that skis big.” Robert has skied all over the western U.S. and Canada, and loves that Silver Mountain is so affordable. “Dollar for dollar it’s one of the best skiing experiences.” All three love that it’s still a hidden gem and a skier’s town without pomp and circumstance. With deep snow, no crowds, and affordable ticket prices, Silver is a skier’s dream they say.

The family has high hopes and is excited to see what the future has in store for Silver Mountain. Paul hopes “the new owner continues the classic experience with a few new tricks and treats.”

With a healthy dose of humor sprinkled with the free spirits, this skiing family reminds me of why I love to call the Inland Northwest home. This season, when you’re up at Silver make, get there early and if you’re lucky you may get to ride with the Hoskinson crew. // (Kayla Haas)


 Kayla Haas grew up hiking and skiing in the mountains of the Inland Northwest and is a passionate member of our local SheJumps community. This is her first story in Out There.

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