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A foggy, rocky area lined with trees.

Public Lands 101

In the collective mind’s eye of America, public lands were born the day Yosemite became a public park in 1864, when president Lincoln deeded it to the State of California, or when president Woodrow Wilson established the National Parks Service in 1916. In reality, protected lands in the United States are managed by a broad swath of federal, state, county, city, and tribal […]

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A group of kids around a campfire.

Outdoorsy Summer Camps & Schools – 2020

Summertime is for kids to experience outdoor adventure—the hands-in-dirt, skinned knees, messy-hair-don’t-care type of adventure. Here’s our annual list of regional summer camps and nature-based schools that provide unique opportunities for learning about nature, science, and outdoor skills—with something for every child, any age, and every family.

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