Ranger 2.0 Solo Stove

We’ve borrowed my father-in-law’s full sized Solo Stove for a couple of campground shindigs this past year, and while the quality and construction of these smokeless fire pits are amazing, it took up a lot of space in our small camper van. The Ranger 2.0 is the more portable, compact version of its bigger brother that is built to limit smoke billowing up in your face. At just over a foot tall and 15” in diameter, it weighs in at 15 pounds.The Ranger always comes with a removable ash pan for easy cleaning and a carrying case. Ours also came with the surface-protecting stand (purchased as an add on). This stainless steel beast will keep you enjoying campfires for years to come instead of inhaling them. MSRP: $299. Solostove.com

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