Stillwater Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle ($199)

If you’re used to slugging around the lake or river with a bulky aluminum or plastic SUP paddle, putting a Stillwater Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle in your hands is like breathing a giant breath of fluffy, fresh air.  Weighing in at 23 ounces, this is one of the lightest SUP paddles that we’ve seen on the market. Roughly half the weight of most entry-level SUP paddles, Stillwater’s uses a full-carbon construction for both the shaft and blade of the paddle.  The oval shaft creates a nice ergonomic feel in your hands while the quick-adjust feature allows this paddle to fit anyone over five feet tall and also allows for adjustment in changing paddling conditions. Carbon fiber is a very strong material when you consider its lack of weight; however, it’s not as bombproof as the aluminum and fiberglass builds found on less expensive paddles.  This is not the type of paddle that you want to hurl like a javelin down to your streamside put-in, but with a little extra care, it will provide you with the type of ultralight paddling experience that your upper body will really appreciate on those extended paddle tours. //

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