SPOvid-19 Local Adventure: Centennial Trail Pilgrimage

To help you make the most of your outdoor time and keep things fresh during the pandemic, the faculty of Eastern Washington University’s Recreation and Leisure Services Program in partnership with Out There Outdoors has created the SPOvid-19 Local Adventure Series.

Episode 6 – Centennial Trail Pilgrimage

By Chris Cindric

Back in 2018, I was seeking a pilgrimage of sorts. A walk with intent, reflection, companionship, and most importantly, beer.  So, after a campfire with some good friends and good, local beer, the El Camino de Spokane a Coeur d’ Alene (The Way of Spokane to Coeur d’ Alene) was born.  

Pilgrimage walking party. // Photo by Chris Cindric

We decided we would walk the entire Centennial Trail from the 9 Mile trailhead outside of Spokane to Higgins Point in Coeur d’ Alene.  The Centennial Trail runs roughly 39 miles in Washington and 24 miles in Idaho, so the entire hike would be around 63 miles (although in total we truly logged somewhere around 70). 

We broke the trail into 3 sections, hiking from 9 Mile to downtown Spokane the first day (16 miles); downtown Spokane to Post Falls the second day (29 miles); and Post Falls to Higgins Point the final day (18 miles). We carried what we needed on our backs, ate and drank at local breweries and restaurants along the way, and stayed at the nicest hotels we could find to lay our heads down. I would encourage you to give it a go.  It was definitely an adventure to remember. 

El Camino de Spokane a Coeur d’ Alene // Produced by Chris Cindric

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Chris Cindric is a Senior Lecturer of Recreation and Leisure Services at Eastern Washington University where he teaches and advises a minor in experiential education and manages the EWU Challenge Course Program. He lives in Cheney with his wife, four children, and dog. 

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