Spokane, Wash.—Centennial Trail Pedestrian and Cyclist Data

Data and numbers drive the majority of our public-land decisions these days. Near the end of 2015, the Washington State Department of Transportation installed an EcoCounter on the freshly paved section of the Centennial Trail in Kendall Yards to measure the user-type and popularity of the trail. For many reasons, this ‘newer’ section has received a lot of attention. Some say it’s the fabulous views of the city, while others say it’s because Riverfront Park is tough to navigate during the recent construction. In any case, the specific annual numbers of trail users in Kendall Yards, according to WSDOT’s Eastern Region Active Transportation Coordinator, are clear and concise: this is very popular trail! //

Year   Pedestrians Cyclists

2018   177,758         78,159

2017   151,327         66,700

2016   149,203         84,484

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