Spokane Runners Shine at A Race For The Ages in Tennessee

With a one-mile loop course, A Race For The Ages (ARFTA) is designed to favor older runners. In a nutshell, the older you are, the more time you’re given to accumulate miles. Those 40 and under get 40 hours. Those 41 and older get as many hours as their age in years. Whoever runs the most miles in their allotted time wins.

This year, Northwest runners Gunhild Swanson, Sylvia Quinn, and Mary Ann Clute inspired a number of runners with their performances. Swanson, age 74, finished in 2nd place female with an incredible 163 miles in 74 hours. Quinn, age 81, completed 150 miles for 5th place. Clute, age 65, completed 140 miles for 6th place. The race takes place every Labor Day weekend in Fred Deadman Park in Manchester, Tennessee. Quinn planned to run 82 miles in order to surpass her age by one mile, but in the first day, she completed 50 miles. Since she still felt good, she decided to keep going as far as she could. Without a doubt, they are among the toughest Northwest runners out there. //

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