Snow-Free Winter Riding in Central Washington

Chasing snow-free trails in the channeled scablands may only take you a half hour drive west of Spokane but may require a longer road trip deeper into the Columbia Basin. Here are a few options:

  • The 130-mile-long Columbia Plateau Trail: The closest access to the non-paved section of this rail trail is near Cheney, Wash. If snow persists on the east end of the trail, try a ride on the 15-mile crushed gravel section starting at Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River near Pasco, Wash.
  • Fishtrap Recreation Area: Explore old ranch roads and several miles of new singletrack still under construction by Washington Trails Association volunteers on the north side of Fishtrap Lake 30-miles west of Spokane.
  • Escure Ranch/Towell Falls: Ride the ranch road for a 6.5 mile roundtrip pedal to the falls, then explore some of the other gated roads and bovine-built singletrack north of Rock Creek for added aerobic adventure. (OTO)

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