Six Moon Designs Swift X Ultralight Backpack

Reviewed by Bryan McDirmid

If you still carry cans of soup into the backcountry, this pack is not for you. I tested this ultra-light, 36-ounce backpack over 21 miles on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River Trail on a 24-hour trip. After I packed all the essentials, the bag was so light I threw in a Bota bladder of wine. My first impression of the pack had me concerned with the micro buckles used on the sternum straps and waist belt. Down the trail a bit I began to employ the walk hills and jog the rest approach. The first thing that struck me was that this pack is comfortable! The harness system hugs your upper body even when stumbling down the hills. Well thought-out pockets positioned over the sternum straps and waist belt negate the need for a top pocket. I encountered a storm and the rain beaded off the waterproof fabrics as you’d expect. All in all, I’d strongly recommend this pack to light-weight enthusiasts. 

MSRP: $270.

Six Moons Designs Swift X Ultralight Backpack

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