Sept 15 Spokane River Clean-Up

As our editor Derrick Knowles recently wrote, the trash and illegal camps along the Spokane river can become a hazard to our natural resource and recreation area. If you’ve been waiting to take action, this month is your chance.

The 15th Annual Spokane River Clean-Up begins September 15th at 9:00 am. Last year, over 600 volunteers removed over 4 tons of debris from Riverside State Park to High Bridge Park, to the University District to Spokane Valley.

Sign up now for this year’s river cleanup. When you sign up, you’ll be able to choose between locations in Spokane Valley, the University District, the Downtown River Gorge area, and Riverside State Park.

Thank you for using the The Annual Spokane River Clean-Up as a great way to give back for the wonderful recreational and scenic opportunities our river corridor provides all year long! Sign up here.

Photo courtesy of the Spokane Riverkeeper.
Photo courtesy of the Spokane Riverkeeper.

You can follow the Spokane River Cleanup event on Facebook to stay up to date!

[Feature photo courtesy of ROW Adventures.]

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