Selk’bag Sleepwear System’s New 4G Lite: Perfect for Mild Northwest Summers

The idea of wearing your sleeping bag may take some getting used to, and the new Selk’bag Lite version, which comes in at an affordable $99, is the right price to temp casual campers and serious car campers alike to try it for themselves. That’s really what it takes to appreciate the snug warmth and freedom and flexibility that is a wearable sleeping bag. The 4G Lite is 30% lighter than the previous version, yet it’s built with enough synthetic insulation to excel in Pacific Northwest summer and shoulder season camping conditions down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before stepping into my first Selk’bag, I had an elastic baffle down bag that I bought specifically for the enhanced range of movement it offered over traditional, constrictive mummy bags. Selk’bag takes sleeping bag freedom of movement to a whole new level. I’ve had some of my best night’s sleep in years camping out in my Selk’bag. It’s perfect for many summer camping and traveling situations, from car camping, visits to the lake or cabin, music festival camping, short backpack trips, and even sleeping out in the yard under the stars.

The Selk’bag 4G Lite is baffled to stave off cold spots; has reinforced, grip-traction soles for walking around variable surfaces; a quick-access system for freeing your hands; a toasty hood; and large front-entry zippers that make getting in and out of the bag effortless. Scott McDonald with Mountain Gear in Spokane says he keeps his in his vehicle all year round for car-camping and impromptu nights sleeping in the car at a trailhead. “The Selk’bag Lite is a great all-around summer campout bag and just-in-case safety precaution to keep with you in your car when you’re traveling,” he says. He also noted that he sometimes wears his around the house in the winter to stay warm rather than turning up the heat.

The Selk’bag 4G Lite is available in 3 different colors for $99.99. Kid sizes are $79.99. Check them out at Mountain Gear (2002 N Division St, Spokane). More info at //

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