Schweitzer Invests in Sustainability

At a time when we need more good news, Schweitzer Mountain Resort recently announced a major investment in reducing the impact the resort’s operations have on the natural environment that sustains it. The broad-reaching initiative to reduce the resort’s environmental impact targets resource areas such as energy, water, waste, fleet fuels, supply chain, and forest health. To help with this shift to a more sustainable future, Schweitzer has partnered with Resource Synergy, a Spokane-based sustainability consultancy, to help identify and pursue opportunities to reduce energy consumption and waste generation. “As an avid skier, myself, it’s important to me that our participation in the sport respects the land and environment on which it depends,” says Erik Makinson, Resource Synergy’s Founder and President.  

Schweitzer and Resource Synergy plan to utilize the National Ski Area Association’s (NSAA) Sustainable Slopes methodology which was adopted by the industry in 2000. Schweitzer has also recently joined the NSAA Climate Challenge. Through this program, Schweitzer commits to taking actions that will target and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Our unspoiled mountain environment, amazing views, and plentiful snowfall are some of the reasons Schweitzer is so special. Not only is investing in sustainability the right thing to do, but it’s a business imperative,” says Schweitzer Mountain CEO, Tom Chasse. Check out some of the substantive sustainability upgrades in the works at

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