Running and Walking Gear to Get You Out on the Trail: Thule Chariot Cheetah 2 Multi-Sport Trailer/Stroller

Having something to push the wee one around in those first few months of parenthood was a gift, even if it was a cheap and simple big-box store stroller. We were so happy to get our sleep-deprived selves outside for daily walks that we didn’t think twice about what we were pushing him along in. Then autumn hit, with colder temps, wind, rain and eventually winter snow. It was time for a stroller upgrade. We settled on Thule, a brand that is known among active parents for offering “strollers” that convert Transformer like into bike trailers, jogging strollers, pull-behind ski sleds and more. We purchased the Chariot Cheetah 2, with the jogging stroller and bike trailer conversion kits, and it kept us strolling and jogging with the little guy in comfort all fall and winter long.

The thing rolls like a champ, and has two brakes (front hand brake on the handlebar and a foot-pedal rear brake). It also has several slick answers to various weather conditions, including a quarter sun shade that usually protects his little head from getting too sun blasted, along with a full sun shade and plastic pull-down top that makes the whole carriage compartment wind, sun and pretty much waterproof (we haven’t stayed out long enough in a downpour to thoroughly test this).

We also added an infant sling, which allows most babies under 1 year to start rolling just about right out of the womb. With the beverage cup holder add-on (very important), the large mesh storage compartment behind the seat, the cocoon-like carriage with side-windows so baby can watch the world go by, the bright green color and obviously high-end components and burly-looking build, the Thule Chariot Cheetah 2 turns heads out on the trail for good reason; It’s smart, light-weight, functional, good looking and pretty much an all-around badass kid carrying, multi-sport machine ($589 MSRP, not including conversion kits and other ad-ons). Find them at Mountain Gear or at //

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