Running and Walking Gear to Get You Out on the Trail: Patagonia R1 Hoody with Polygiene Odor Resistant Treatment

The Patagonia R1 Hoody (MSRP $159) is one of my all-time favorite outdoor garments and a great choice for winter and early spring runs, especially longer outings that may range from running to walking. It’s warm but insanely breathable and ventable with a super-deep chest zipper to stave off overheating. And then there’s the hood when the sun disappears and a chill spreads over your sweaty noggin. I intentionally soaked the R1 with sweat over three days of heavy use, which normally transforms my base layers from technical workhorses to biological weapons, but it didn’t seem to faze the Polartec fabric. No familiar stench. No gasping for fresh air as your head writhes towards the light that represents fresh air when you put it on way too many days since its last washing. I could barely smell the thing even after it festered damp in my pack before ushering it to the wash machine. How is this possible? The miracle of Polygiene odor control technology. Polygiene is a silver salt-based, naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent that prevents nasty gear smell by inhibiting bacteria growth. The treatment lasts a lifetime and, according to the company, is safe on your skin. You can find Polygiene treated outdoor apparel from Patagonia and dozens of other major brands including Adidas, Arc’Teryx, Ahtleta, La Sportiva, Polartec and many others. //

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