“Round Up” for the Centennial Trail through LIME Bikes and Scooters

Spokane, Wash.—In early May 2019, the City of Spokane launched a new season for the LIME electric bike and scooters program across the entire city. The City of Spokane unveiled their plan at the Bike to Work Week pancake breakfast, and promoted the program on social media soon after. Because so many Lime rides took place on the Centennial Trail during the 2018 season, the Friends of the Centennial Trail was named the LIME Hero Program Partner for 2019. Basically, when you rent an e-scooter or e-bike from LIME, you will be given the opportunity to “round up” your rental fee to the next dollar. The difference will be donated back to the Centennial Trail Builder’s Fund for maintenance work, wayfinding, and completion matching grants. It’s only a few pennies, but this collaboration could contribute to major improvements in the Centennial Trail. Please spread the word, definitely round-up, and most importantly, wear a helmet and ride safe on every LIME rental. 

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