Revival Tea

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what’s in your tea? The Spokane-based craft tea company Revival Tea, launched in 2018, makes this a standard. “We wanted to educate and promote responsible practices of drinking high-quality tea, which includes the health benefits that tea should have,” says Spokane born-and-raised owner, Drew Henry.

While most mainstream teas are made from low-quality fannings and dust from the tea plant, Revival Tea uses the highest quality part of the plant, the flowery orange pekoe leaf. All their teas are organic and fair trade. One of their most popular teas, the Fresh Crafted Spiced Chai, even includes locally sourced raw wildflower honey.

Revival Tea began when Henry followed his Irish roots, fell in love with the Irish tea culture, and sought to create a tea revival in the U.S. Fittingly, the Revival Tea logo features a phoenix rising out of a tea kettle, with tea leaves for wings and a traditional Celtic knot for a body. Revival currently offers 12 teas, but, believing there’s a tea for every occasion, they hope to have 30 teas by the end of the year. The Mango tea is popular on ice, while the Yerba Mate is adventurous with a smoky flavor.

“We’re hoping to build a national and international tea brand right here in Spokane and do a lot of cool things in the community,” says Henry. He has ambitions to open a brick-and-mortar location soon, hoping to create an intimate space for tea tasting and exclusive music. For now, you can find Revival Tea at the Perry District Thursday Market, Fairwood Farmers’ Market, Emerson/Garfield Markets, Caffe Affogato, at other locations around the region, and at

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