Resources for Traditional Archers

Traditional archery has been around for 60-70,000 years, and it has existed in many cultures across the globe. The elegant simplicity is nothing new to the longstanding heritage of stick and string, but when our daily lives have been strained to the tension of a bowstring, it sure can be heartening to let fly with an arrow.  

With gear in hand and a good teacher or mentor willing to guide your journey into traditional archery, it’s time to shoot. But where? One obvious choice: Evergreen Archery Club. This non-profit dedicated to “the need of archers for an organization to bring people together, in order to foster the Sport of Archery,” has a club range on North Rimrock Drive, near Spokane Falls Community College. For more information, visit the Evergreen Archery Club website and the club’s Facebook page.  

Other resources include the traditional “Bowhunter Magazine,” which offers a useful glossary of archery terms. The “Archer’s Den” on the 3 Rivers Archery blog offers reasons to try going trad. Finally, “USA Archery,” the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery, offers a range of resources, including information on adaptive archery for persons of all abilities.  

John with Steve Adkison Long Bow. // Photo by Rich Eliason

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