Potty Glove

This Spokane-based company has come up with an innovative, sanitary solution for anyone in the outdoors or on the road who may end up in a situation where they are unprepared to properly answer the call of nature. While I describe how they work below, you really should check out the website and click on the “One Sleeve Steve” video. It’s super funny and totally worth watching, ideally with uptight, non-camping co-workers or relatives, just for laughs, but it also has some reasonable scenarios where this product would come in handy. Basically, the Potty Glove is a zip-bag with two blue, medical-style gloves, one of which has a small pack of five moist wipes attached to the back of it. Say you are out on a spring hike in the Columbia Basin and the taco truck breakfast burrito you had back in Moses Lake starts setting off alarm bells in your guts and there’s no water or place to properly clean up after taking care of business the responsible way in a deep hole away from trails. Time to deploy a Potty Glove: put on gloves, open and use wipes, ball up the used wipes in the wipe glove turning it inside out with contents contained inside, then put that balled-up glove in the palm of the other glove and take that one off by turning it inside out. For the final sanitary step, put the gloves back inside the zip-bag, seal it, and pack it out to the nearest garbage can. Keep a few in your car, your backpack, diaper bag, and stroller. MSRP: $12.99 for a 4-pack. Pottyglove.com

See how to use a Potty Glove here.

And then meet One-Sleeve Steve here for some scenarios when a stash of Potty Gloves would come in handy and get ready to laugh. //

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