K-Pak Folding Kayak

This compact, light-weight (21 pounds), and durable 9-foot kayak from the Folding Boat Company is an ideal boat for anyone who wants the ability to get on the water without having to store and transport a larger, heavier hard-shell kayak or canoe. With so many lakes and mellow stretches of river around the Inland Northwest, the K-Pak Folding Kayak seems like it was made for anyone in our area who loves paddling or kayak fishing without a bunch of set-up hassle (it goes from backpack to the water in minutes) or spending an arm and a leg. The durable skin zips up around the internal, folding frame and air compartments make the boat rigid when pumped up. You can fit several of them in the trunk of most cars, bring them along on your next tropical vacation, or hike with one down to your favorite backcountry lake or the urban waterfront in your backyard. Sale Price: $660. Foldingboatco.com //

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