Please Watch Out For This Local Scam:

This just in from my friend Brian:

Brian 6:17pm Feb 10
Hey Jon,

Some dude is walking through West Central with a stack of Out There’s asking for donations for a neighborhood cleanup project. He was a very convincing salesman but also seemed quite suspicious like he was ripping people off. He said the paper was giving $1 for every copy distributed and that Safeway was matching each $1 donated. I gave him a dollar and sent him on his way then called the police. Hopefully it wasn’t a wrong assumption but I didn’t see anything posted about a fundraiser like this.

Just to be clear anybody going door-to-door asking for money is NOT representing Out There Monthly. I’ve had reports of this same sort of activity occurring on the South Hill with someone claiming to be affiliated with both OTM and The Inlander (for the record we are separate companies). If you think you have been the victim of fraud in a situation like this please contact the police (509-456-2233). If you hear of someone trying to pull this scam in your neighborhood please email us here at OTM.

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