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Mica Moon Adds Aerial Trekking Course in Liberty Lake, WA

If you haven’t heard of Mica Moon, get ready to add a must-do item to your summer adventure list. Located just outside the town of Liberty Lake, Washington, Mica Moon is one of the largest private-land zip line tours in the world. They offer a state-of-the-art zip line course that increases in intensity. Start with the Peekaboo zip line (the lowest and shortest zip from tree to tree) and work your way up to Big Mama, the newest zip line on the hill that travels across-canyon for nearly a mile, giving its rider a full minute on the line.

New this summer, Mica Moon offers an aerial trekking course. Similar to a ropes course, this aerial trekking course offers multiple levels of obstacles (called “elements” by the adventurous and friendly Mica Moon staff) suspended above a rushing creek in the woods. While you’re wobbling your way across a line of hanging barrels, your friend might be launching from a Tarzan swing above you, giving a shout as they attempt to grab the giant spider net at the other end of the trees for a landing. Other surprising elements include (in ways we’ll keep secret) a skateboard, a life-sized canoe, slacklines, and something affectionately referred to as the “thimble” (it rolls).

One thing is certain—you’ll find a creative, engaging, core-challenging course that you’ll want to play on for hours. No previous experience is required, as you’ll receive training on your clip-its (the magnetized clips that keep you anchored to the trees, aerial elements, or both at all times) before you hit the course. We highly recommend getting fresh air and adventure at Mica Moon with your family, friends, or coworkers this summer.

Visit www.micamoon.comfor more info, or call 509.587.4020 to book your session!


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