Pettet Endurance Project Running Shirts

Taking its name from the Spokane street that many runners know thanks to Doomsday Hill, western Washington-based Pettet Endurance Project makes high-quality, sustainably-sourced Merino wool running apparel right here in the U.S. While PEP prides itself in creating tough, well-designed and excellent-fitting running shirts that stand up to the use and abuse of endurance athletes, PEP shirts provide the comfort, function and style that more casual runners will appreciate and love. Multiple men’s and women’s styles made for different seasons and running temps mean you can sport a different PEP shirt all year long. Try the men’s Fremont with a 3/4 Raglan-style sleeve that’s perfect for cool spring or brisk summer morning runs (MSRP: $60) or the Women’s Heppner with Raglan-style sleeves and a long cut through the torso, making it a comfortable choice for longer runs that start when it’s cool out and end after things have heated up a bit (MSRP: $50). Check out all of PEP’s running apparel options at //

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